[Bell Historians] heaviest three

David Bryant david at b...
Tue Jul 8 13:42:35 BST 2003

> > The conclusion I've come to is that it is entirely arbitrary!
> My conclusion is that you must look at what the intention was when
> the bells were installed. Were they meant to be rung full circle or
> not? (This, of course, might be a difficult thing to find out!).
> I feel that bells hung for slow swinging are generally NOT meant to
> be rung full circle and are therefore swing chimes.
> However, I've rung Richard's Castle full circle - Oh dear, I'm
> confusing myself now!

Another factor is whether they clapper right-side when swung through a
relatively small arc. Most proper slow swingers have heavily counterbalanced
clappers so that they do (e.g. our Great Peter), But then there is Richard's
Castle, for examples, which I'm told clappers right when swung, but unevenly
when rung full circle, because it is hung for slow swinging not ringing, but
then conversely it has a stay...

Definitely arbitrary!


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