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> > Preston: I believe the back four were scrapped in part payment for 
> the 
> > new treble additions to the octave from Holy Trinity, Bolton.
> I'm pretty sure that the back two were, but I thoought there was an 
> intention to try to sell the 7th and 8th as they were not cracked. 
> Does anyone know for definite?
> David

There's no mention of them on the Keltek spreadsheet and they 
organised the rehousing of the front 6. 
ISTR a conversation with one of the Preston ringers who was under the 
impression that the Preston bells, particularly the back ones, had a 
high probability of cracking due to the casting process - something to 
do with a square sectioned cast-in crown staple ????. (sorry I was a 
newbie at the time and it didn't mean much)

That said the star crack in the 9th was in the waist and caused by a 
broken clapper from the 7th. 
The tenor crack was definitely across the crown and working it's way 
back round to meet itself. The crack certainly grew by 0.5" during the 
last peal and despite drilling the ends.

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