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Thu Jul 10 18:21:18 BST 2003

In his reply (on Change-Ringers), to my question:  
"I wonder if anyone can help me to discover more about The Virgin’sChimes?   
These have been rung at Kirkby Malham, according to published records, for 
centuries", Glenn Taylor wrote:
I have looked in my "copy" of Poppleton's 'Church Bells of the West Riding'
but he does not mention this custom at Kirby [sic] Malham. Apart from
details of the three bells, all he has to say is:

"The death-bell is tolled for a time, and then, as a distinguishing finish,
four strokes are given for a man, three for a woman, and two for a child."

This seems to fly in the face of tradition regarding the nationwide ringing 
of the Tellers. Everyone else seems to ring 3 for a child, 2 x 3 for a woman 
and 3 x 3 (The Nine Tailors) for a man. Hence "Nine Tailors make a Man".

I've always thought the folk in Malhamdale were a bit "different". This 
bears me out!

Unique "Virgin's Chime" and unique (?) way of ringing The Tellers.  
Economical though! Or has anyone else come across the practice of ringing the Tellers 
this way?

Malcolm Bland

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