Incised bells

Mike Chester mike at m...
Fri Jul 11 15:29:21 BST 2003

Whilst I was in the E & S Factory Unit a few years ago they were in 
the process of adding incised inscriptions into the chime of bells at 
Roath (RC), Cardiff, prior to the rehanging and subsequent 
augmentation of the original chime of 8..

Does anyone know about the development of handbells? I brought my 
modern Taylor set with me to ring a peal earlier this week to find 
when I got there that another set was already present. These were, I 
think, 1880s Taylor. The harmonics were tuned slightly differently, 
though the strike notes seemed close. What was different was the 
size of the bell relative to its not. My 14 in D bell was 
significantly larger than those belonging to Cubbington church, 
perhaps half an inch or more in diameter.


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