Fw: Preston old bells

David Bryant david at b...
Fri Jul 11 22:09:30 BST 2003

Preson ringers' reply to my query about their old bells given below.


> Thanks very much for your query regarding the old ring at Preston,
> unfortunately I'm afraid some of my information isn't likely to be a great
> deal of use to you!
> When the old ring was removed from the tower at St. John's all the bells
> were sold to Eayre and Smith. As the ninth and the tenor were cracked they
> were to be scrapped. The front six were, as you are doubtless aware,
> recently installed in a church in Philadelphia. We do not know the fate of
> the seventh and eighth, so I suggest that you contact Bob Smith for more
> information. The ringers at Preston would be interested in the outcome of
> your enquiries.
> Regarding your query about the old seventh, I am informed that it was
> recast in the 1950s after it had become cracked. Apparantly the clapper of
> the tenor (?) dropped out and became jammed in the path of the seventh.
> Hope this information helps!
> Robert Criddle
> preston at b...

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