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At Chertsey, we have a rather more recent example which has come back to ha=
unt the perpetrator. A certain young man, Ray Lowther and a friend, inscrib=
ed their initials half way up the spiral stair in July 1940 while on fire w=
atch duty at the top of the tower at the age of about 18.

He is now a well respected Surrey County Councillor for Chertsey. He was re=
minded of his 1940 graffiti (still in pristine condtion!) when he came to t=
he tower recently to switch on the floodlights which he had generously best=
owed upon the church. The local paper ran a nice little tongue-in-cheek art=
icle on the graffiti.

We also have some ancient graffiti at different levels, depending on where =
floors in the tower were at different times. You need a ladder to get to so=

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As has All Saints, Brailsford, Derbyshire. Several are have inscribed dat=
es from the 1700s up to the 1990s. Many are identifiable to Churchwardens o=
r known bellringers from their respective eras.

Chris Booth
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St Alkelda's, Giggleswick, also has outlines of boots/shoes and some ha=
nds on=20
the lead tower roof.=20=20

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