German view of English ringing in 1786

Mark Humphreys mark.humphreys at b...
Mon Jul 14 22:08:51 BST 2003

Just stumbled across this when doing some work on English church music.
I guess many of you may know it already.

'As the English are very fond of ringing bells, the churches are
frequently furnished with a set of them, that they may be rung in some
musical manner; which, though it makes an intolerable noise, is
nevertheless, thought by many highly entertaining ... I once lived near
a church-yard in London, where there is, what they call an excellent set
of bells; and I would, from my own experience, advise those who love
quietness or study, to keep at a good distance from churches.'

F A Wendeborn 'A view of England' (1790) II, p.235, 285.


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