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Wed Jul 16 11:48:52 BST 2003

Amazing when you go away for a non-ringing weekend, you tend to hear
more bells than you would when on a ringing a weekend (and no JEC,
these were all heard before going to beer festivals!)

Heard in Lichfield on Saturday morning. A 5 bell clock chime in the free
standing tower on the roundabout at the end of The Friary. There are at
least three large plaques on the thing. The jist of them is that the tower
was first built in 1863 at the junction of Bird Street and Friary Street on
the site of the old Cruciform Conduit. It was moved to the current site in
1928 and repaired and restored in 1991. Not in Mike Chester's chimes list.

I went to Kidderminster on the Sunday to go on the Severn Valley Railway. A
fellow ringer coming along was staying there, and had turned up at the
Parish Church to ring on the 12. Bad luck, they had been removed the
weekend before! However, he could still hear bells. He traced the sound to
St George's. This is on Mike's chimes list, so we can confirm these are
still there, and chimed on Sunday mornings.

A rather dubious clock chime was heard in Birmingham a couple of times, in
the area of Moor Street. I can only assume this is the small clock tower on
the pedestrian street on the route from Moor Street station to Moor Street
street. It sounded very electronic, though could easily have been small

Not sure what they were up to at the Bullring on Friday night, it sounded
like they were ringing something on the front eight. Difficult to hear in
the distance from the backstreets of Digbeth!


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