Chime and chime again

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Thu Jul 17 10:02:30 BST 2003

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> A rather dubious clock chime was heard in Birmingham a couple of 
times, in the area of Moor Street. I can only assume this is the 
small clock tower on the pedestrian street on the route from Moor 
Street station to Moor Street street. It sounded very electronic, 
though could easily have been small bells.

Possibly the clock chime in the Great Western Arcade, between Moor 
Street and Snow Hill stations, at the end nearest to Colmore Row. It 
does sound a bit funny from out in the open because the sound echoes 
around the arcade. In any case, I note it does not appear to be in 
Mike Chester's list. For my part, I dived in there on the way to 
catch my train yesterday - there are 5 modern bells, a small pair of 
binoculars or better eyesight than mine would easily be able to read 
the inscriptions. I would guess the largest bell was no more than 
18" in diameter. Is anyone able to give accurate details? It 
reminds me of the chime in the Thornton's Arcade, Leeds - not so much 
in its style, but in its location. Worth looking out for if you're 
ever at a loose end in Birmingham...


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