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I can answer question 2. According to David Kelly's list of transferred
rings, the bells were removed from Holy Trinity, Bolton, Lancshire, in 1877.
My notes record that the bells were rehung and retuned by Taylors in 1963,
the weights being:

1. 4.1.24
2. 4.3.19
3. 5.0.16
4. 6.0.21
5. 5.3.17
6. 7.0.19
7. 9.0. 2
8. 12.2.17

I myself would be very interested to have any information on the founders
and history of the middle six bells, and indeed anything on the four 14th
century bells.

Andrew Bull

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An information leaflet in the church of St. James, Teignmouth, Devon says 
that the present ring of bells was made up as follows:

The bells originally consisted of four 14th century 'Jesus Bells'; they were

large but of doubtful musical quality. The four bells were melted down by 
Mears of London in 1879 and the metal used to cast the present Tenor and 
Treble bells. The remaining six bells are second hand and came from a church

in Lancashire.

Two questions:
1. What is a 'Jesus bell'?
2. Which Lancashire church did the other six come from ?

Has anyone any ideas?

Alan Furse

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