Lost Lancashire bells?

Alan J.Birney fartwell2000 at y...
Mon Jul 21 11:52:40 BST 2003

Does anyone know the Fate of the following rings of bells?
St Marks, Preston, 15cwt six which I understand were sold to E+S in 
the 1980s-Raymond Clayton and myself aproached the vicar of St 
Bartholomews, Ewood, Blackburn with a view to pursauding him to 
arrange for the purchase of St Marks bells, but it fell on deaf ears.
(St Bartholomews has a disused 3cwt baton chime of three plus a 
seperate lever chimer of 3cwt). I seem to recall that the bells were 
offered to the church at Natland in Cumbria.
I beleive the frame(oak)at St Marks was left in the tower and was 
good enough to be re-used elsewhere(Great Myton or Slaidburn spring 
to mind). Is the frame still in the converted building?
Hoddlesdon(nr Darwen,a six which I understand went in the 
1970s when the church was demolished to make way for a new building.
Were the bells scrapped or salvaged for re-use elsewhere.
St Micheal, Bracewell (near Barnoldswick-which has a ringable 
three)-formerly three bells here, but now only one(cast 1800s?), 
hung for ringing in a one bell frame. This three did actually exist 
as there are three rope holes(in a line) on two floors of the tower, 
and the bells were actually refered to in a poem about bells in the 
Craven area-"Broken pots at Bracewell,sweet bells at Ghyll" is the 
relevent line in the poem. "Ghyll" is St Mary le Ghyll-a nice 
sounding if a little rough going ring of three still in existance.
Newchurch in Pendle(old church destroyed by fire) is also 
rumored tohave had a three,but I have yet to find definate evidence 
of this- I know an individual who claims to have a bell from this 
church in his possesion, which for a time, was hung for ringing in 
his home(bell circa 1cwt).
A few years ago, Cannon Micheal Hart(who was then president 
of the Lancs Association) told me he had heard storys of bells at 
the church which was purchased by Preston college-does anyone know 
anything at all?
The conference centre in Preston(opposite the train station) 
has twin towers on the end of the building and a clock and has at 
least one swinging bell-any more in this one?
There was alledgedly a ringing three somewhere in Preston-but 
i have not found it. The only three I know of in Preston is the 
electic swung three at St Ignatoius(RC) and closish to Preston is 
the historic, unringable three at St Micheal on Wyre(complete with a 
very old French cast tenor). St Micheal on Wyre is close to Garstang.
Finally Blackpool-the church at Marton was rumored to have a 
three-was this in a prevois building?
And St stephens on the cliffs Blackpool-I seem to recall this to be 
a modernish(1920s?) church which I have been told is a ringable two-
anyone have any details?
Once I have learnt a bit about web site design, I will be 
putting up pages on "The bells of Lancashire"-does anyone have ideas 
as to where I can find a dummys guide to setting up web sites?
Many thanks
Best wishes to all,

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