Clock Chimes - information and requests for details

Andrew Aspland aaspland at y...
Tue Jun 3 18:46:50 BST 2003

Hello everyone,

Arrived back from the central council - about to unlock my front door - when
a very nice set of Cambridge quarters sounded the hour. Had they taken all
the sound control out from Holy Trinity Ossett? No but the clock chime in
the town hall are restored to working order after a silence of well over ten
years. They were cast by Taylors in 1908 with a tenor of 8cwt in A (rest
are (going up the scale) B, E, F#, G#). Does anyone have accurate weights
and diameters?

They are not yet in the Chimes spreadsheet (at least not under Clock

Dewsbury, W Yorks, Town Hall, 5, 35cwt in D Pre-True-Harmonic Taylors
Batley, W Yorks, Library, 5, 30cwt Quarter Bells Taylors 1906
Huddersfield, W Yorks, Co-operative Society, 4, 9cwt in A Taylors 1904
Lindley, W Yorks, Clock Tower, 4, 16cwt in F Taylors 1902
Cleckheaton, W Yorks, Town Hall, 5, 21cwt Pre-True-Harmonic Taylors
Hartforth Hall, North Yorks, 5, 6cwt
Keighley Institute, W Yorks, 5, 25cwt Pre-True-Harmonic Taylors - ARE THESE
Middlesborough, Cleveland, Town Hall 5, 47cwt Pre-True-Harmonic Taylors -
Thornaby, Cleveland, Town Hall, 5, 8cwt Taylors 1908 - ARE THESE STILL

Morley, West Yorks, Town Hall 5????
Dewsbury, West Yorks, Co-Op 5????

Is this Town Hall thing just a West Riding phenomenon? I suspect Lancashire
has a few - Manchester being the apotheosis.

Any details of the bells appreciated.

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