[Bell Historians] Clock Chimes - information and requests for details

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Wed Jun 4 11:10:42 BST 2003

Andrew A:

>> Is this Town Hall thing just a West Riding phenomenon? I suspect Lancashire
>> has a few - Manchester being the apotheosis.

London can boast Lambeth Town Hall (in Brixton, G&J 1909, 5, 37-3-18 in B)
and Croydon Town Hall (G&J 1894, 5, 37-0-4 in C), both in working order,
though the tower of Lambeth Town Hall is currently in scaffolding.

Is there a difference between a Town Hall and a Civic Centre (eg Southampon
& Newcastle)?

I did mention the chime of five clock bells above the Police Station in
Swansea once, but it doesn't seem to have made it onto the chimes list. It
is still there. The building does look like a small Town Hall, so it may
have been before it became a Police Station?


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