[Bell Historians] Yorkshire Tails

John Camp john at c...
Thu Jun 5 15:24:43 BST 2003

At 10:06 on 05 June 2003, Chris Pickford wrote:
> I fear that the good Rev. Dr. Camp hasn't done enough ringing on
> bumpy threes and semi-ringables still hung for deadrope ringing.
> Really, not understanding the difference between deadrope and hung
> dead! If he were to try deadrope ringing, he'd quickly discover that
> a salley at handstroke isn't much use or really necessary - 'cos
> there ain't no handstroke to speak of. Might be glad of a tuft at
> backstroke though - hence Anne's point, which to me seems a fair
> question to pose.

I really can do without being patronised, Chris. If you tried the
exercise of reading and summarising perhaps 500 messages to a tight
deadline, you might find you made a very occasional error of
misunderstanding. At least I can spell "sally".

John Camp

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