[Bell Historians] Yorkshire Tails

MalHBland at a... MalHBland at a...
Thu Jun 5 17:34:07 BST 2003

...or wagon and waggon. Really, gentlemen, this is becoming rather childish. 
I unsubscribed from "Ringing Chat" because after only three days (and over 
150 e-mails), I thought I had wandered into a Primary School palyground.

Surely members can resist trying to show up or belittle each other on an open 
message board? If they cannot, then at least they could send their comments 
directly to personal e-mail addresses. And those who find themselves the 
targets of such small-minded comments would do better to ignore them, as the rest 
of us who read them do.

I know of John Camp only through his writings and had the greatest respect 
for him. I still do, in spite of his "at least I know how to spell Sally" 

Enough, children!

Malcolm Bland

Errors, omissions, mis-spellings and typing mistakes accepted. Please do not 
bother to point them out to me.

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