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Major and Minor were introduced as Ionian and Aeolian in the C16 (don't have
exact date to hand), so many rings of bells in the late 1500s are likely to
have been in one of the medieval modes:

Dorian D-D using all white notes on a piano
Phrygian E-E, ditto
Lydian F-F, ditto
Mixolydian G-G, ditto

However, Mixolydian is the same as major on up to six bells, and Lydian is
the same as Major on 3.

This is of couse assuming that the bells actuallt conformed to a
recognisable musical scale, which will not always have been the case.

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> I am surprised not to get any response to my query of Sunday. I had
> thought that between us we must know everything about bell history!
> ;-)
> What I have been asked is:
> I understand that in the late 1500's most churches had from three to
> five
> > bells, but can't find out how they were typically tuned (except
> that they
> > used Just Intonation). Would it have been a series such as A B C D
> E, or
> > would it have been more like A B D E G ?
> Can someome give any snippet of information that I can send back?
> Does anyone know who may be able to give me an answer?
> Mike
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