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There's a couple of pages about O'Byrne in Fred Dukes' book 'Campanology
in Ireland'. I can scan and email them if you want.


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hi from lismore australia , I am learning to ring on 6 wilton, wiltshire

mears cast bells here at st. Andrews parish church witch will be
to 8 soon with 2 other bells cast by whitechapple in the last 2 weeks.
for 20 years i have been the player of a 12 bell chime at saint
cathedral lismore , these bells are 96 years old and as their centenary 
approaches i am writing their history , harvey baggott of adelaide 
suggested i contact this group for help . The bells were cast by Mathew 
O'Byrne in dublin at the fountain head bell foundry , the total weight
the 12 is10 tons 2 qrs 18 lbs the tenor close to 43 cwts , a visiting
to the foundry at the time of casting was so impressed he ordered an
set cast for the cathedral in longford ( where is this ?) can any body
me any history of mathew o'byrne , i've been told the foundry closed
ago...but recently i was told no they still are in existence . i have an
foundry catalogue of o'Byrne foundry listing bells cast for australia ,

this set of 12 was according to Mr. o'Byrne the greatest set he had ever

cast . any help great fully accepted . with thanks . john maloney

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