Burley in Wharfedale

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Many years ago I arranged a peal at Ashton u L, where seven of us 
turned up. The other one was at Ashton in M. where there are no 
ringable bells. Fortunately Christine Andrew found one of the local 
lads to ring and the peal was scored.
Many years later, but before the advent of mobile phones, I arranged 
peals at Southgate and Watford on the same day. The 'lone ringer' 
from Ashton in M venue got them in the wrong order. Andrew Mills had 
to double hand to resolve the situation at Southgate. Thinking that 
the miscreant ringer wasn't coming, I found another ringer for the 
Watford peal and - you've guessed it, we met eleven!!!!

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> George wrote 
> I have 2 references to Burley
> > JT1870 26.75" 3.0.4 via Potts
> I think this may refer to the clock bell at the Queens
> Hall in the village. 
> > & the G&J reference Bell 5897 of 1937 22.375" 2.1.16
> > in G 
> I have heard the bell, but that was ages ago and I
> need to arrange an inspection. Next time you are up in
> Yorkshire let me know. Apparently people have turned
> up here to ring peals not realising there are two
> Burleys in West Yorkshire!
> I used to play Cricket at a ground near the church on
> Sunday mornings and used to hear a tape of Redcliffe
> coming from loud speakers in the tower.
> Michael
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