Lowe House

Samuel M. Austin combineharvestersam at h...
Thu Jun 12 01:21:28 BST 2003

I get up to Lowe House regularly and play. About 2 1/2 octaves of the bells 
are playable, the others have been disconected as the carilloneur Tony 
Brookes and Dave Roughly are in the process fo getting the top bells 
shotblasted. Unfortuanatly, there are small bells lying round everywhere, 
the organ loft, clock room , practise clavier room and they better watch 
they dont get robbed.
They back bells are magnificent and show Liverpool Cathedral up right away 
although the front bells are tinny. The church are interested in the bells, 
even to the extremes of Fr. Kevin dressing up as Elvis and singing to raise 
money for them.


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