[Bell Historians] nine tailors origins/ how exactly was it rung

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I still chime the '9 tailors' here at Willoughby for any regular church goer
as soon as I hear of the death, and also just before the funeral when the
coffin is on its way to church.
The origins seem to be very old, and as someone else noted, it let the rest
of the parish know of a death, especially in rural parishes where most of
the populace would be working in the fields.

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> hello once again thank you very much for the help with mathew o'byrne
> I have had a phone call from jack cummins one of our most senior
> ringers formerly of sydney and adelaide now retired and teaching us
> new ringers here in lismore , he would like me to ask this group dose
> anyone know about the 9 tailors (not the book) he wants to know
> everything about it , how was it rung ?....what are its
> origins ?...is it still rung...?...why and when was it rung ?.....
> thank you very much for any help.

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