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Bill Hibbert bill at h...
Mon Jun 23 20:16:43 BST 2003

Can anyone help this gentleman with his enquiry? I assume the 
inscription expands to 'Fabrique par M. Laurent Brousse 1745'.

Bill H


Dear Mr. Hibberts: Recently, our museum acquired a small bronze bell 
with an interesting cast inscription. The bell was said to have been 
excavated in Arkansas, near an 18th c. French settlement. The bell 
has the following inscription cast in cercumference: 
FPMLAVRENTBROVSSE1745. As stated, the inscription encircles the bell 
rim. Can you recommend any scholars-in-the-field, who may be able to 
help us decipher the inscription? Any help you may provide will be 
greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,

(Mr.) Swannee Bennett

Swannee Bennett
Deputy Director and
Chief Curator
Historic Arkansas Museum (state museum)
200 E. Third St.
Little Rock, Ar. 72201
(501) 324-9395

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