Suicidal suffragettes

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Tue Jun 24 21:28:19 BST 2003

Chris Pickford wrote:-

>Rupert has kindly added a link to a wonderful picture -

>I saw a print-out of this in the ringing room of a local tower recently,
and wondered where - and when - the photo was >taken. A fairly large bell,
with canons and hung with a continuous gudgeon (or hoop gudgeons). Any ideas
where this was >taken?

A copy of this photograph appears in the preface to 'A History Of The Ladies
Guild ' by Janet Stevenson (ISBN:0-9536869-0-6. 1999). The caption reads
'Unknown Lady Ringer (?) in the Hagbourne, Berks tenor, 1909 (Warning: Do
not try this in your home tower). The photo was taken from English
Bell-Ringing in The Country Home 1909 p130.

The book is well worth reading and thank Heaven the Ladies voted in 1999 for
the continued existence of the Guild (the vote was unanimous).

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