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So it does! Have the book, but never thought of looking there. Thanks, Jim

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Chris Pickford wrote:-

>Rupert has kindly added a link to a wonderful picture -

>I saw a print-out of this in the ringing room of a local tower recently,
and wondered where - and when - the photo was >taken. A fairly large bell=
with canons and hung with a continuous gudgeon (or hoop gudgeons). Any id=
where this was >taken?

A copy of this photograph appears in the preface to 'A History Of The Lad=
Guild ' by Janet Stevenson (ISBN:0-9536869-0-6. 1999). The caption reads
'Unknown Lady Ringer (?) in the Hagbourne, Berks tenor, 1909 (Warning: Do
not try this in your home tower). The photo was taken from English
Bell-Ringing in The Country Home 1909 p130.

The book is well worth reading and thank Heaven the Ladies voted in 1999 =
the continued existence of the Guild (the vote was unanimous).

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