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Thu Jun 26 17:29:52 BST 2003

"Christ Church, Sydenham, is/was at Forest Hill and may be listed under that
name. More later, but a good find!"

Stahlschmidt lists Ch Ch Sydenham and Forest Hill differently. I have a
record of an 1877 M&S bell at Forest Hill (4-1-13 29 1/8"). I have the
following history noted (some of it probably came from you Chris though).

1854	Church built by Ewan Christian, architect.
1855	Parish created from St Mary the Virgin, Lewisham.
1864	North aisle added to the church.
1877	17th Oct	Whitechapel Day Book records the supply of a bell
with frame and fittings at a cost of £61.13.6
c1880	"G&J provide estimate for 4 bells to chime with existing
bell which is to become the 3rd of a ring of 8 in F, tenor about 15 cwt.
Bells to be 1 29"" 5cwt E, 2 present bell, 3 32"" 6cwt C, 4 40"" 11cwt E,
Hour bell 45"" 15cwt F. Deal frame & hanging dead."
1881	9th March	G&J provide estimate for an hour and 4 quarter bells
to weigh 18cwt.
1885	Spire added to the tower.
1974	GPE Southwark survey notes the 1877 bell hung for ringing in
a wooden frame.

Perhaps some of this might help? I look forward to seeing what you come up


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