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These are a Gillett & Johnston clock chime of 1931, though the hour bell (o=
riginally cast for a carillon) is dated 1927. They are 1 11" 0-1-7 A (no.41=
84), 2 11 15/16" 0-1-15 G (no.4185), 3 13 3/16" 0-2-2 F (no.4186), 4 16.625=
" 1-0-5 C (no.4166), and 5 (1927) 25.5" 3-2-20 F (no.2258).

The hour bell was the no.27 bell in the original Regal Cinema (later Odean)=
carillon at Marble Arch, first installed in 1927-8 but completely replaced=
in 1930

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Blaenavon. Opposite St Peter's church, a 20 foot high approx War Memorial=
almost a miniature version of Cleopatra's Needle, but with louvres at the
top. 5 clock bells chime the hour (and assume the quarters). Quite small

Memorial was dedicated on 23rd June 1952.


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