Izabelle Thompson i.a.thompson at d...
Thu Mar 6 13:09:02 GMT 2003

I wrote to this mailing list to get advice on what should be done at 
Brancepeth, thinking perhaps members would possibly have experience of 
fire damaged bells, or re-tuning of pre-Simpson tuned bells and would be 
able to inform of what had happened to these cases. When I wrote "some 
other jobs where they have tried to do something similar with tuning 
haven't produced very good results" I meant 'they' in general and not 
specifically Taylors, and by adding "no examples were given" I was 
trying to highlight this generality, although I can now see that this 
statement may not give this impression.
Reading it again, I realize that the e-mail wasn't worded very well and 
apologize for any offence that this may have caused.

Izabelle Thompson

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