[Bell Historians] Whitechapel Bellfoundry Chime

Andrew Aspland aaspland at y...
Fri Mar 7 17:18:03 GMT 2003

"The chime consists of a diatonic 10 in the key of F# with the largest
weighing 2-2-4. There is also a b6th (C) and b4th (E)."

Sorry to be a bit picky but if they are in F# (six sharps)then the notes of
the scale are:
1 A#
2 G#
3 F#
4 E#
5 D#
6 C#
7 B
8 A#
9 G#
10 F#
And the bell described as a flat sixth in C is really a sharp seventh in B#
(allowing the key of C# to be played - i.e. in seven sharps) though the flat
fourth in E is correctly named (allowing the key of B to be played - i.e. in
five sharps).
Whilst the distinction may seem subtle imagine in a ring of twelve if the
flat sixth was wrongly installed as a sharp seventh and its rope fell a
matter of centimetres from the seventh rope! It all depends on the bell
that you don't play in deference to the semitone.

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