Mike Chester mike at m...
Fri Mar 14 10:20:29 GMT 2003

--- In bellhistorians at, Simon Farrar <simon at m...> 
> Could I suggest that next time Sam Austin (or indeed anyone else) 
> to a digest message, they do not include the ENTIRE digest in their 

I think that we may accept that there might be the odd time when this 
is a simple oversight. There is no way you can recall a message once 
it has been sent. Apologising for making the error often then 
creates more messages than not!

Anyway, my point is this, could we be a little more "contemplative" 
before hitting the send button? Where there is a thread on a topic 
it is becoming increasingly common that "a reply to a reply to a 
reply" includes all the messages from the beginning of the thread. 
Can we start using the vitual editor's blue pencil a bit more often?



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