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The bell from the redundant, and now deconsecrated, church of St. Mary, Chi=
ttoe, Wiltshire, now hangs in the tower at St. Nicholas, Bromham, Wilts, wh=
ere it is used as a sanctus bell. Chittoe church was erected 1845/46 and t=
he bell, which dates from around that time and weighs c.112 lbs, has the le=
tters " J & P " and below this is the letter "B" cast into it, on the waist=
. Please can anyone tell where, and by whom this bell was made?

Also, the accounts for the recasting, by J. Warner, of the six bells at St.=
Nicholas, Bromham in 1875 shows that "Mr York, of Bristol" was paid 15s/6=
d. (This, I presume, same Mr York, of Bristol, did =A347/10s/7d worth of w=
ork on Hilmarton, Wilts, bells in 1885). My question is, If Warners recast=
and rehung the six bells, for which they were paid =A3304, and they had th=
e metal from the old ring of six, what was Mr York doing, that he travelled=
30 miles from Bristol, for just fifteen shillings and six pence?

Also, in the same, 1875, accounts William Powney 'Carpenter' was paid =A330=
. Local oral tradition has it that William Powney made the oak frame, tha=
t the bells still swing in today. Could my great grandfather have made an =
oak bell frame for the measly sum of =A330? Or would Warners have supplied=
the frame, and the =A330 is for the floor beneath the bells, or such like =
mundane work?

Thanks for any help with these three questions. Dennis Powney.
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