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David Bryant <djb122 at y...> wrote :

> > L&J cast two bells for Broughton Gifford in 1850, one of which may still be
> there.
> I expect Whitechapel actually cast them - most of l&J's early bells were
> cast by either them or Taylor's. . . > David

No, I think they were cast at Bristol. They replaced two bells that had cracked as a result of local youths hitting them with hammers after weddings. The bells were lowered from the tower, broken up, and left overnight. The bell metal was stolen; some was found under a hedge, the remainder at a marine store in Trowbridge. (I know that there is a Bythesea Road in Trowbridge, but a marine store in this sense is a scrap metal dealer.) A local lad was prosecuted and among the prosecutors was Peter Llewellin, who gave the weight of bell metal that arrived at the foundry in Bristol. I doubt if they were large bells; one was said to be 'wholly inefficient and inaudible at a short distance', andd was replaced by the tenor of a propsed ring of five or six, which never got any further.
A. Willis
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