[Bell Historians] Whitechapel chime and chromatic notes

DJ Bryant djb122 at y...
Mon Mar 17 15:13:07 GMT 2003

Nigel Taylor wrote:

"Andrew's remarks remind me of Dove's guide which lists the semitones 
at Worcester Cathedral as flat 4th, flat 6th, flat 8th; the flat 6th 
is correct, but the other semitone bells are a sharp 5th (B#) and 
sharp 9th (E#) to give a diatonc 8 in the key of C#."

It used to describe them wrongly, but the current edition doesn't
because I pointed out that they should actually be 5#, 6b and 9#.
Likewise, I pointed out that the semitone with rings of eight was 5#,
not 4b, and this also was changed.


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