Londonderry and semitones

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Tue Mar 18 15:59:49 GMT 2003

I have looked at the latest "Dove" and noted that apart from 
Worcester, the semitones at St. Columb's cathedral Londonderry are 
also corrctly listed as #7(G#) and #3(D#). Previously, the guide 
stated: "A ring of 10 with two extra bells to provide a light octave, 
tenor 23cwt (E); also b6th hung for chiming only". In fact the 
stationary chiming bell is a b4th (C), and the flat 6th is of course 
the #7. Gillett & Johnstons records do not "name" the intervals but 
simply show the correct notes. Londonderry are tuned approximately to 
equal temperament, because just intonation causes a "hiccup" in the 
intonation when using the key one-tone above the key note (the major 
and minor tones are reversed). This problem does not occur in the 
mean-tone or well-tempered tuning systems. 
Another common error was naming extra trebles in 12 as "sharp 
trebles", but this practice seems to have ceased generally.
Nigel Taylor

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