Cloford & Combpyne

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I've just been looking through the three bell supplement and found the 
following from the "Removed" list:

Cloford, Som - only one remains hung for ringing; others now hung dead
Combe Pyne, Devon - now hung dead

Neither ring were ever hung for ringing. 

Ref for Cloford: Bells of the Frome Deanery by George Massey (1985) + our 
notes. They are in a three bell sawpit bellframe (all pits N/S) which appears 
to be good. The treble and tenor are both by Ll & J 1892 and are hung dead in 
the central pit of the frame. The Jefferies & price 2nd is hung in the 
Easternmost pit and the Westernmost pit remains empty. All are struck by 
Ellacombe hammers.

Ref for Combpyne - our notes prior to rehanging - Only one bell had a wheel 
which was mounted upside down. Wheels were never fitted to the others and the 
bells hung from the roof timbers, never strong enough to support swinging 
bells. The bells form a rather out of tune 2,4 & 6 of a ring of six. They 
used to be a clock chime and evidence of the hammers still exist. It is hopes 
to fill in the gaps at some point with an ex Trinity House Buoy bell and the 
bell from the redundant Church at Rousdon.

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