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Christopher Dalton wrote - ask what people think of the
scrapping of the 19 cwt 17th century ring of 5 (apart from the 18th century
tenor which was kept as a clock bell) and the substitution of a 4 cwt ring
of 6 in a large and handsome 15th century Wiltshire tower of my

Well, Avebury's pretty bells have been rung regularly, to the Glory of God,=
by the village band, ever since they were installed, (what is it about 15 =
years ago?) Knowing the people who have manned them during this time, some=
very young and others at the other end of the scale, makes me realise that=
even if they had a 19cwt ring in perfect order the sheer weight would have=
meant that they would have been seldom rung. It is very hard to have a te=
am of strapping young lads when the village population is perhaps less than=
Dennis Powney, (Who was privileged to ring in the dedication touch.)

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