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I saw them a couple of years ago and thought the fibre-glass (?) replicas w=
ere very good - even to the colour of the "metal"! They are facsimile mode=
ls of each bell, so all the mouldings and inscriptions are exact reproducti=
ons. They looked as though they were made by taking an impression of each b=
ell in two halves. The only thing I did note is that because they are so l=
ight, they hang at an angle!

Incidentally, I also have some snaps of some plastic/fibre-glass Christmas =
bells seen in a supermarket at Christchurch, New Zealand, back in 1992 (was=
it really that long ago?). They are exact replicas of Taylor bells - comp=
lete with inscriptions "JOHN TAYLOR & Co. * FOUNDERS * LOUGHBOROUGH * ENGLA=
ND * 1903 * / (border all round). Also made in halves - I can see the join =
on one of my photos! At least two bells were used as models - probably from=
the clock chime of 1903 at Gisborne Post Office (5 bells, hour bell 6 cwt)

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Looking at the Brecon Cathedral website (www.breconcathedral.org.uk)
there are a couple of pictures of the old bellframe, which has been
moved to the heritage centre. The fittings of the old bells are in it,
and five replca bells. Not much detail is visible in the picture. Has
anyone seen this exhibit? How realistic are the replca bells? Have they
reproduced the inscriptions of the old five on them?


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