[Bell Historians] L&J & Glatsonbury 7th.

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I finally managed to talk to Bob Parker about Glastonbury ex 7th. Bob recalls 
the bells as being cast by L&J, however he does remember it as being a rather 
unusual looking bell. 

Ellacombe states that the 7th and tenor bells were recast by L&J in 1872, 
which fits. The tenor was later recast by Taylors (1880's????).

Bob also said that the ex 1863 L&J tenor at Charlynch, Somerset was also a 
most odd looking bell with a very flared lip - Ellacombe records the 
inscription as being Llewellin and Jones! - typical.

How about this for a theory:

Yeovilton tenor (bears the name Petter of Yeovil) - a very good bell with 
radial canons - 13-0-25 in F - not sure of exact date. Petters did exist and 
developed the patented "Oil engine". They may have merged with Lister later - 
not sure. Petters were however into heavy weight casting.
1872 Glastonbury 7th (very similar bell to Yeovilton tenor - CD). The bell 
was not poor toned just thin (13cwt in F) - BP.

1873? East Harptree tenor is recast by Taylors for L&J - 14-0-18 in E. (info 
from Andrew Ball) - canons removed in a more recent rehang I believe.

Taking the radial canons thing into account - could they all have been cast 
at Taylors? The Taylor (1863?? - can't remember) treble of 9 at Bath, St John 
(RC) also has radial canons.

Correct - the old 4th at Glastonbury was by Mears for P Llewellin.


Yeovilton tenor by
> same
> > mysterious founder is marvellous on the other hand.

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