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Thu May 1 07:38:21 BST 2003

Many thanks to all those people who have privately sent me concerns over the re-use of the Kidderminster trebles at Youlgreave. The figures for Youlgreave were supplied to us by Gordon Halls and he only quoted the Nominal frequency, weight and diameter. The tonal characteristics were not quoted. Gordon like many people (myself included) prefer members of the trade to say if they think a bell will fit or not. However the content of emails sent to us suggests there is a question mark over tonal compatibility and we asked the bell-hanger concerned to comment on these concerns. It has not helped that I have been away for a four days and only dealt with the concerns expressed on Tuesday. Consequently it may be a day or two before we get a response.

Yes there is a certain amount of panic as to the destination of the K trebles; this is because the faculty application said where the intended destination was to be. In order to resolve the situation the Trust has offered to buy the bells from K and we are certain they will find a home. 

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