Bill Hibbert bill at h...
Fri May 2 23:50:07 BST 2003

For those of you that care about such things, I have uploaded a new 
version of Wavanal to my website www.hibberts.co.uk. For anyone that 
uses Wavanal this is a must-get, as it has useful new facilities 
including a much easier way to identify and select partials suggested 
to me by a carillon colleague (Steven Ball).

I have also uploaded a new version of Tuner with some changes 
suggested by Brian White, and the Rounds program I use to stitch 
change ringing together from individual recordings when experimenting 
with tuning.

Do let me know of any bugs, problems or ideas. 1,750 copies of 
Wavanal have been downloaded since July '01!

Bill H

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