St Kew, Cornwall

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Wed May 7 11:47:47 BST 2003

I have recently carried out an inspection at St James Church, St Kew,
Cornwall. As there has been an interest recently in bells by Llewellyn &
James, I felt readers might like to know that bells 4 & 5 were recast by
Llewellyn & James in 1904, when the bells were rehung in a new frame by the
same firm. This fact is not recorded in the Church Bells of Cornwall, By
Arthur Cannon.

The bells at St Kew were originally a ring of six by John Rudhall of
Gloucester, dated 1818. Various recastings have taken place, as follows -

1.	Tenor recast by C & G Mears - 1845
2.	Third recast by Mears & Stainbank - 1869
3.	4th & 5th recast by Llewellyn & James - 1904
4.	Tenor recast by John Taylor - 1931.

The bells have no canons, and are hung on wooden headstocks in the metal
frame supplied by Llewellyn & James in 1904.

Richard Stevens.

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