The Lincoln Letters

john ketteringham john.ketteringham at n...
Thu May 8 06:29:33 BST 2003

In the late 1980s I transcribed a large collection of letters in the
Lincolnshire Archives dating from 1763 to 1834 relating to the bells of
Lincoln Cathedral. Unfortunately at that time I was using a Commodore 64
and it has been impossible until recently to transfer this material to a PC.
Fortunately Aidan Hopkins has now done this for me and I have been able to
complete the editing of these documents. They can be found here :

If there is sufficient demand I would be prepared to make them available as
hard copy.

I am very grateful to Aidan and to Graham Jackson for his work as my web
master without which this would have been impossible. I had begun to think
all this work had been lost!!

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