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> William & Thomas Mears 1788

They are actually a complete ring of 8 cast by Lester Pack & Chapman in 1788. 
>From what I have been told they are the only complete ring of 8 by these 
founders which bear the same inscriptions on each bell.

I managed to get up to see them a while ago - a really wonderful 
installation! The bells are in the hexagonal part of the tower just below the 
spire. The frame is placed diagonally with bells swinging into (and in one 
case, almost out of) the window openings! A massive iron weight had been 
bolted to the top of the tenor headstock, probably to reduce tower movement. 
None of the wheels were complete but they had an interesting iron peg & 
latchet stay/slider design. The ringing room looks as if the ringers had just 
walked out! 

I have some photo's somewhere - ill look for them.


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