Big single bells and 'spam'

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Mon May 19 12:23:38 BST 2003

Howard wrote:

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Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 19:18:39 EDT
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Subject: Re: big single bells

I am getting rather sick of certain people filling my e-mails with stupid 
comments about other persons statements from bellhistorians group. You know 
who you are and all I want to tell you is that I now delete certain e-mail 
"handles" without even opening them.
Can we please cut out all this SPAM crap. Howard E. J. Smith.


- apologies for the late reply, but I've only just got round to looking at 
the digests.

I think, Howard, that if you are referring to the email message that I think 
you are, that while the comment made was somewhat little off topic, it wasn't 
offensive to anyone. As you've deleted it, you might want to go and check in 
the archives.

As with all email lists, there are some contributors who are (how shall I put 
this?) somewhat less focussed than they might be - but we can all produce 
pearls of wisdom from time to time, and I'd hate you to miss out on anything 
good just because of your expectations.


Giles Blundell

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