[Bell Historians] Where is the first complete 'Simpson' peal?

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The Brighton bells (Good Shepherd) are 1927 (Elphick). Petham (1923) is kosher - much discussed in the RW at one stage (sorry - don't have the refs) - but an experimental job, rather than the start of WBFs main change-over to harmonic tuning.

The best general overview of the introduction of true-harmonic tuning by the various founders is still "True Harmonic Tuning" by Christopher Dalton in Ringing World 16 October 1970 p.824, 23 October 1970 p.844 and 30 October 1970 p.864. Christopher published a shorter - but updated - account of "Harmonic Tuning" in Ringing World 24 June 1994 p.632. 

We do spend quite a lot of time on this list asking questions to which the answers are already well known! Lots more to explore (as Bill has shown with his researches generally, and on Merthyr Tydfil in particular) - but we ought to make better use of past research and publication (made easier by the underused list of theses and article on David Bryant's website) to avoid just going over old ground again

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> The first Whitechapel Simpson tuned peal is at Petham, Kent ... 
the tower I
> at which learned to ring.
> DrL

I was informed that the Church of the Good Shepherd in Brighton was 
the first Simpson Tuned Whitechapel ring of bells, cast around 1913, 
8,(13-2-16) in F.
Whitechapel carried out some work there about a year ago now 
rebushing the clappers, and informed the tower captain that the 
bells were special to Whitchapel because the were their first 
Simpson tuned bells.
Admitidly they dont sound very good inside the tower, but that is 
due to clapper knock, but outside they sound quite magnificent.

I dont know if anyone has any further information, or could varify 
this, it would be interesting to know.

Philip M Pratt

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