[Bell Historians] Re: permanent bell restration and rescue groups.

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Wed May 21 17:35:48 BST 2003

Giles wrote:

> As far as I know (and I would be delighted to be proved wrong and
> only Huntingdonshire has such an active voluntary bunch of bell restorers.

David Potter in York is another, aided by a number of others (particularly
Graham Blackburn, who built several bellframes). During the late 1970s, 80s
and 90s the following was carried out.

St Martin le Grand (1979) - ring of 8, 4 new 4 second-hand, installed with
almost all new fittings in existing 8 bell frame in place of 1 bell.
Clifton (1979) - Ring of six, 2 new, 4 second-hand, installed with all new
fittings in adapted existing frame, in place of unringable six.
Stockton (1980) augmented from 4 to 6.
York, Spurriergate (1986) the ring of six, 5 of which were on the floor & 1
hung dead, were rehung in the tower with all new framework and fittings, and
a new curfew bell added.
York, St Olave (1989). The compelte Dalton six, hung dead since 1916, were
rehung for ringing with new frame & fittings.
York, All Saints North Street, (1990) Ring of six, 2 new, 4 second-hand,
installed with new frame and fittings.
Bishopthorpe (1988-90). Ring of 4 augmented to 6.
York, St Wilfrid (1995-6) Ring of ten installed, 2 new, 8 second-hand, all
new frame and fittings.
York, St Laurence (1999), Ring of 8, 5 second-hand 3 new, installed with new
frame and fittings
York, Holy Trinity, King's Square - 3 surviving bells from demolished church
obtained and brought back to York, currently in store.

Of the frames, those at St Olave, North Street, St Wilfrid and St Laurence
were built locally. In addition to the above, the extra treble at the
Minster (1979) and its six clock bells (2000) were installed at the
instigation of David Potter.

Sadly bell installation in York has come to an end, probably permanently,
due to the behaviour of a number of individuals who are seemingly only
interested in being destructive, and do nothing positive themselves.


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