Lincoln Cathedral

john ketteringham john.ketteringham at n...
Thu May 22 10:40:40 BST 2003

On the Chat list I recently made reference to the unique Ringers' Chapel in
Lincoln Cathedral. This brought a response that Salisbury also had a
Ringers' Chapel. I have twice asked this correspondent for evidence and
have also tried to find this myself without success.

When the Cathedral Company of Ringers was founded in 1612 the chapel, which
was dedicated in 1234, was specifically set aside for the use of the
ringers. However in the Liber Niger which dates from 1260 the chapel is
known as 'Pele Altar' and a respected historian has said '...this altar has
been associated from time immemorial with the ringers'.

Since its restoration in 1913 it has been traditional for the Lincoln Guild
Annual Meeting to commence with Holy Communion celebrated in the Chapel.

Pending evidence to the contrary I still say that the Ringers' Chapel in
Lincoln Cathedral is unique.

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