[Bell Historians] Re: Edinburgh bells

DJ Bryant djb122 at y...
Thu May 22 18:38:39 BST 2003

Anne Willis wrote:

"However the advert for Thomas Mears on the same page states that the
firm was 'late Lester, Pack and Chapman'. Was the foundry trading under
that name until Thomas Mears took over. If so, why?"

"According to the booklet Thomas Bartlett was known to have been casting
bells in 1616, but seems to have been succeeded by an Anthony Bartlett
by 1640. Any ideas anyone?"

Probably just that the name of the founder was known and respected, and
it made sense to use it rather than the name of the new owner, who may
not be known to potential customers. For example, Taylor's are still
officially "John Taylor bellfounders Ltd", although there has not been a
John Taylor in the company for the best part of a century (I don't have
the exact date to hand). Likewise, Whitechapel were "Mears and
Stainbank" until the 1960s, but for most of the C20 the foundry had been
owned by the Hughes family.


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