Blews bells and Brmingham bells

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> Perusing the Blackburn Diocese website, throws up another few 
> possible contenders, but again I've no knowledge of any bells past 
> present.
> St Margaret of Antioch, St Annes on Sea, (SD431395)
> St Anne, Greenlands, Poulton le Fylde, (SD326388)
> St Anne, Copp, Great Eccleston, (SD431395)
> and the unlikley
> St Anne, Fence in Pendle (SD824371) - nearer to Burnley than 
> Blackburn, plus ISTR there's only a chime of 2 there.

Copp I understand has a single bell that has been replaced or rehung 
in recent years(by Taylors).
Raymond Cayton has been to Fence(and done some work on the clock) 
and told me there is only one unringable bell there of about 6cwt.
There are two unringable bells at Kelbrook near Colne,but they are 
not by Blews.

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