[Bell Historians] Sebastopol Bell, Windsor Castle

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Tue May 27 09:03:00 BST 2003

'The Times' 21 December 1868 p.12, c

The magnificent bell captured at the siege of Sebastopol, and presented 
to Her Majesty the Queen, on arrival at Windsor was placed upon the 
North terrace of the Castle, where there is also one of the largest 
guns taken in that memorable siege. The bell has been hung in the 
Round Tower, just over the steps which give access to the apartments in 
the centre of the great tower, near the cannon which sweeps the sole 
entrance to the ancient "donjon keep", in which King John of France and 
King David of Scotland were prisoners in the reign of Edward III; and 
where Charles I was confined by the Parliament when Windsor Castle was 
under governorship of Colonel Venn, in 1648. The weight of the bell is 
17 cwt, 1 qr, 21lb. The bell, which has a rich and sonorous tone, 
bears, in the Russian language, the inscription "Sevastopol - Nicolas 
Sanctus," and a record of its weight in pounds.

Hazel Basford

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