[Bell Historians] The Leeds handbells - a suggestion

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I have been checking the history of the Leeds Youths (Kent) for about this
time. In the 1840s, there appears to have been a resurgence in the fortunes
of the Leeds Youths. They rang a number of peals of Bob Major over this time
between 1839 and 1846. Even the ASCY came down for a peal in 1841, and some
of the peals from this period are recorded on peal boards on the walls. If a
set of handbells were to be acquired for this church, this seems one of the
most likely periods for this to have happened.

Coupled with Sid's memory, I think there is a good argument to suggest that
these bells once belonged to St Nicholas' church.

Dickon Love

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Whatever the issues of principle here - these bells were clearly
misappropriated if not stolen, as it seems unlikely that the church/ringers
authorised alienation from the church - there may be little option but to
bite the bullet and buy them back. To establish proof of ownership, to
trace their whereabouts over 60 years and offer certainty that they were
never lawfully disposed of may be impossible. 

As Anne Willis has already discovered, the dealer who has them now bought
them from another dealer. At the Leeds end, the aged verger seems pretty
sure about what happened to them though (to deal with Aidan's point) it's
more likely that the parish quietly forgot about them rather than claim on
the church insurance for the loss. Without Sid's long memory, all
recollection of them would have been lost altogether.

I gather from David Brookes that they have come to the conclusion that they
will need to establish a "buyback fund" to recover the bells and that he
intends to raise this at the PCC meeting next week.

Doesn't this case offer an opportunity for this List to be of practical
assistance by securing funds to recover the bells? I have already offered
David a contribution if it be needed. Would other list members be willing to
contribute too? It would be good to take positive action to match the
strong sentiments on this issue that have been expressed already on

Offers of support can be sent direct to David at dcbrookes at b...

Chris Pickford
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