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Susan Dalton dalton.family at v...
Tue Nov 4 16:18:38 GMT 2003

I am now just wondering if this bell at Kenn, being a competent casting but
so much earlier than anything else by Jefferies, was cast FOR him by John
Rudhall of Gloucester. Note the J-shaped figure '1's.

If I get time, I'll go through my Somerset notes for W J and J & P bells.
Certainly there are four (formerly five) in the ring of eight at

Iron Acton tenor too, of course.


>> Going back to my original query, I am still intrigued though as all the
>> examples of William Jeffries bells used so far have all been mainly from the
>> 1830's. The Kenn bell seems to be an early example dating from 1815. (The
>> date seems to be correct as we went through the churchwardens accounts to
>> find entries referring to it).
>> cheers
>> Andy
> Yes, the Kenn bell is inscribed
> C D

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